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Casing Running Tools (CRT)

Casing Specialties provides unmatched casing running services and has established itself as a leader in the field. We offer some of the world’s most innovative equipment coupled with the highest level of quality and expertise.


The Volant Casing Running tool provides the ability to rotate the entire string of casing while running into the hole and safely reduces the manpower required for casing running operations. These systems are mounted to the top drive and through the use of an internal gripping mechanism, it grips the inside pipe surface of the casing. Hoisting and rotating occurs simultaneously.

Automated Casing Running Tools - Remotely Operated Stabbing System (R.O.S.S.)

Casing Specialties uses the state of the art, electronically controlled, Remotely Operated Stabbing System (R.O.S.S). ROSS is designed to improve rig safety and performance regardless of tubular types. I An operator controls and manipulates the system to safely manipulate different casing styles, sizes and thread types. The stabbing arm safely holds the tubular to the side of the wall stump and repositions over the center of the well for safe and correct make up.


R.O.S.S. only requires two crew members, easily accommodates many sizes of tubular, and allows the operator to stand safely out of danger. Its easily adaptable design allows use on most rigs, and increases thread reliability by eliminating cross threads during make-up and break-out.

Pressure Testing

We are experts in well control. Our pressure testing services enhance safety, efficiency, and environmental controls. We understand the importance of accurate pressure testing and strive to provide the best in BOP & Welhead evaluations as well.

Torque Turn

Our torque turn units allow us to provide unsurpassed control over the torque used to make up any joint of casing or tubing. Our professionally trained crew ensures that each customer receives quality service during these precision operations. Our units monitor torque, turns, and rotational speed and additionally provides control based on final torque or final turns. We ensure conformance to manufacturing specifications as well as safety requirements.

Pickup and Laydown Units

Casing Specialties offers a number styles of Pickup and Laydown machines, all of which are suited to the needs of your project and site. Our crews use the best equipment for the job and the environmental constraints of the site.

Truck-Mounted-Pickup-and-Laydown-Machine.jpgTruck Mounted Pickup and Laydown Units

Trailer Mounted Pickup and Laydown Units - Catwalk Pickup and Laydown Machine

Our catwalks are specifically designed for quick and easy setup. A 42 foot skid is capable of lifting 3600 pounds of up to 13 3/8-inch casings. Controlled by mounted controls on the rear of the unit or a wired remote provides safety and control.

Tubing Running

Information coming soon!

Hydraulic Power Units

We employ truck-mounted hydraulic power units on varying truck sizes to meet the needs of the project and terrain. The trucks double as a tool truck with a number of other uses. Our hydraulic power units provide a torque range of 40,000 – 170,000 ft/lb controlled by remote.


Well Head and BOP testing

Casing Specialties provides well testing services to ensure proper operation as well as adherence to safety standards. We provide comprehensive tests on:

  • Well Head
  • BOP Blowout Preventor


Whether your site requires casing or tube running, pressure testing, or laydown units, Casing Specialties has you covered. Learn More >>

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